Saturday, September 29, 2018

Work n' Play

T’was with heavy sigh did you arise from a fitful sleep

That you awoke with the alarm’s mournful constant beep.

The night had been one of vex;

That couldn’t be cured though you tried with self sex

By using your Pink Lightsaber

So loudly you thought you’d wake your neighbor

But you still hadn’t been satisfied with all of your labor.

The day dragged along made almost unbearable by your pussy’s itch

And the decision to wear a dress rather than jeans with a choking stitch

For rather than being muffled and contained,

Every draft of air licked the fabric of your panties,

Making your wanting clit against it moist and strained.

The squeak of your chair from unconscious squirming created quite a din

As you struggled to stay focused on the data you typed in,

Trying hard to ignore the messages from below of “get me a hard cock –

I want to feel the flesh of a man hard as a rock.”

Several times you stopped and looked down between your legs

And whispered, “I’m in charge not you so stop trying to light my orgasmic powder kegs!”

You struggled to keep your mind on typing the day’s tasks,

To keep your fingers from within yourself sliding in to bask

Maintaining your uninterested mask –

So no one would suspect you wanted to tap your pleasure cask.

The work day had finally come to a close

But you didn’t stand up, you never rose.

In the back of your mind you thought, “Why?”

In your home you’d ache over the want of a guy

To make you cum, quiver and sigh –

So back to typing you went as others passed saying “goodbye”

To block the want, one would suppose.

Urges, however, are not ones that take lightly to the back seat

And without you realizing it you did fill the screen complete

With “I need to fuck  I need to fuck” over and over again

Whilst in your head you thought, “shit this is going to drive me insane.”

“Invalid command” flashed on your screen,

As the computer tried to act on where your mind had been

but as your finger slid slowly to push delete

A voice from behind you did you hear in a tone up beat

“I don’t know, sounds like a valid one to me.”

You froze, caught in a web of your own lust had designed

And wormed its way into your mind resigned.

Your stomach lurched to cover your hormonal bind;

There were two options that you thought

To cover the deed in which you had been caught:

Run away and hide in embarrassment without a sound

Or be bold and stand your ground.

You chose to do the second to show that you really had no care.

You gave a chuckle and slowly turned towards in your chair

“Excuse me, from the lack of bulge in your pants I can guess what your cock looks like –

You couldn’t validate anything – other than you never grew out of being a little tyke.”

You and I did not look at the other as a friend;

No birthday card did we send,

In fact, we didn’t even our assistance to the other lend.

In the office we weren’t in each other’s loop,

And socially we didn’t hang with the same group.

Whether it was because the moon was up nigh,

Or around my neck too tight was my tie

That night your attention I wanted to vie.

I looked into the defiance in your eyes,

Then noticed the incongruence in the trembling of your thighs.

I put my hand on your shoulder then softly let my palm slide down your chest

And let my fingers caress the outline of your right breast.

I knew I was taking a chance that you’d stop me cold

Then have me charged for an act overly bold,

But I had to take that chance -

my index finger on your hardened nipple did swirl and prance.

You stood up to stop yourself from primal thoughts that were culminating,

About giving into the urges that were emanating

From the increasing swell

That was churning in your pussy’s well.

You rested against the edge of the desk folding your arms in front of your plump breasts,

Both to stop me from seeing your dilemma in their perk

Because you had always seen me as a jerk

And to stop yourself from undoing the buttons and letting my touch settle their unrests.

“You shouldn’t even be here,” you said.

“I know, “I answered as forward close to you I tread.

To your ear I leaned hoping you wouldn’t further put up your guard,

“I know that you don’t like Microsoft, but could I interest you in Micro-hard?”

I kissed the tip of your ear, your cheek, your top lip, the tip of your nose,

Then suck your bottom lip into my mouth light as dew on a petal of a rose.

Your hands uncrossed and fell limply to your side,

Your mind raced with the wrongness that you shouldn’t abide –

Slow and steady is what your heart wanted in a potential lover

Not one who’s face would quickly be changed with another;

There were promised that should be made,

You aren’t just a piece to be laid.

With a gentle push you broke our lip embrace

Though fast your heart did race.

You steeled yourself by placing your hands firmly on the side of the desk tight,

Sliding your ass partially off to ensure you had a quick flight.

“This isn’t going to work,” you chided in a voice so firm,

“If this is what I wanted I’d be at the bar flashing my tits to make the men squirm.”

“So this isn’t happening, then,” I retorted, “Just enjoy it.”

“That’s why this can’t happen,” you admitted, “I might like it more than a bit,

And that isn’t what I want in mind when I see you everyday from where I sit.

I want to be in love, I’m not going to let you think that I’m easy,

To be taken advantage of…that makes me queasy.”

I cut off further protest with a hard kiss,

At first you seemed reluctant to fall into the reckless abyss,

But somewhere in the back of your mind your lust demanded to dine

And your tongue lashed inside my mouth with was much vigor as mine.

You pushed yourself up on the desk to let your feet dangle,

Leaving your hands to wrap around my neck taking charge of our lip wrangle

As up and down your sides did my hands travel.

You pulled me closer and felt my hardness through the fabric ravel

And in turn the pressure of your nipples upon my chest warned

That we were now past the point where stopping would leave you scorned.

The time was to show you that I was a man and not a mouse;

My hand slipped down from your waist lifting your blouse,

slid under your dress to rest momentarily on the top of your left thigh

You spread your legs apart a little more with a sigh. 

I bent down to my knees in front of you taking down your bottom apparel as well.  

I lightly and softly kissed the outer and inner lips of your pinkish pussy swell

Before running my tongue between each of your moist yielding lip;

I teased and licked you without going near your clit’s tip.

Upon my shoulders you lifted legs and cooed,

“Eat me, baby, as if you were praying and my pussy was your rood.”

Reaching down you placed your finger upon your vaginal fold

To spread them further to encourage me to taste your sweet untold. 

You reached down with your hands and placed your fingers on your vaginal folds to spread them further to help and encourage me to your most sensitive spot.

 I looked up to see you with your eyes closed, sucking on your bottom lip

As I took into my mouth your clit, sucking and licking, flicking at a steady clip.

Your flesh tasted raw and exotic with every tongue roll;

With one hand I placed two fingers inside your swollen and hot hole,

 While my thumb to stimulated your clit

Letting me to its hood gently did I nibble abit.

With my other hand I unbuttoned my pants and took out my cock

That your flavour had made hard as rock.

 I removed my fingers as I went to stand erect,

 Your legs resisted leaving their perch,

Your eyes into mine for the reason they did search

But quickly enough you saw where my mind was direct

As I let my cock quiver along the brim of your pussy’s center,

Placed my hand on the side of your hip and waited to enter.

You kissed me hard as you reached down and began to stroke steeled flesh rod

Making me whisper, “Fuck yes…I want your bod.”

Your eyes flashed down to my hard shaft  

As your fingers worked their craft,

Your thumb swirling a drop of pre-cum around

Making my cock spasm and pulsate abound.

Then into just your pouting vagina lips did you pull

Covering my tip with your juices like a sweater made of wool.

It sent waves of lusted sensation from my tip to my very core

I wanted you so badly that it made my balls sore.

Slowly I moved my cock tip in very small circles, back and forth, up and down

 Your overheating vaginal folds, lightly pushing them apart revealing your sexual crown. 

You started to breathe heavier as with your hand,

To meet your want’s increasing demand,

You stroked yourself with my girth

And gave a soft moan in selfish mirth.

I pushed the head more into your succulent opening of carnal sin

And applied the appropriate amount of pressure to slide all the way in.

You watched my cock slide in and gasped out loud to toll

 that your pussy folds  had kissed the base of my fleshy pole.

You could feel the pressure that my cock's head made inside you,

And you knew that I felt it too.

We stayed paused in a moment of shared splendorous realization

What we were doing wasn’t real but a welcomed vacation.  

You put back both of your arms around my shoulders and neck

Holding me tightly as with soft quick kisses at each other we did peck.

I returned the grip around your waist -

Savouring your lips taste.

I pulled my cock out of your vaginal hole until just my tip was sitting inside

Feeling the hot juices of your sexual tide;

The office around from the look in your eyes and the touch of your sex did become erase.

You pushed back from our upper body embrace,

 But slid your hips so that you could still feel me just on your pussy’s rim

Puckering around my fuck limb.

“We can’t be doing this,” you said

Wishing the feel of how good my cock felt was dead.

What had lust bourne?

 You were torn,

You wanted my cock

Into your pussy to dock,

Yet it wasn’t right to be doing it on the desk – where were the roses? 

The pre-sex shy stances and poses?

 The candlelight? 

The wondering of “does he think of me when I’m out of sight?”

The cushions? 

For the gentle first time pushin’s?

All that you were ducking…

 …This wasn’t romance, this was just pure fucking…

…not what you needed but damn, did you ever want it right now!

Fuck, why to this far did you even let me allow?

“No baby, we can’t even look each other in the eyes and say, I love you,”

You pleaded half heartedly in a voice down and blue,

Even though you moved your hands from my neck to curve of may ass

I wondered if the moment had given away and slid pass.

I wanted you to enjoy yourself not to have something to rue -

I wiggled my hips, my cock making little circles inside of you;

Every movement you had to stop yourself from giving a little moan.

 “What are you looking for?” I asked in a soft tone.

Nothing came to your mind except for how my cock tip

Felt in your pussy’s grip

Maybe you thought on yourself you were being to rough;

Perhaps, now at that moment, maybe that had to be enough. 

You firmly pushed my cock back in as your answer

As you whispered, “Hold me closer, tiny dancer.”

Again and again I plunged into your sexual crevice so taunt and wet

With each thrust we both let our minds clear and reset.

As if to settle to yourself any doubt

 You reached down with your hand to feel me sliding in and out;

Your hand became covered in our lust juice

And you shouted, “Baby, turn me loose!”

I took your hand away and made you lay back down on the desk top

And with both hands on your hips drove my cock into you with no intent to stop.

You were breathless and wanting more

As sweat seeped from every pore,

You slid your hand to your clit

And teased - provoked it

As I slid in and out of your slit

To bring your pleasure

Up to your desired measure.

With each thrust into your sexual essence’s beast

Your pussy’s muscles contracted and released

Around my engorged and throbbing lust lance

as upon the bottom of your ass did my balls slap and prance.

The juice and wetness that flowed out of you with each stroke

My passion did it stoke

And as you started to cum

The increased erotic aroma did all my senses succumb.

The walls of your pussy overly moist; thick and slick

Electrified every nerve along my dick –

You could feel my cock growing and pulsating with unbridled fury

So you rocked your hips faster so deeper into you I could bury.

I become a man thrown back into the wild

Wanting to give up all that I had stock piled –

I lifted you off the desk and pressed your back against the wall

Without taking my hardness out of you at all.

You lifted yourself on your tippy toes,

Kissed me on the bridge of my nose,

And began to pump up and  down easily on my rigid cock,

Not minding the calendar that down you did knock.

You gasped in pleasure as you felt my shaft plunge

 Into your willing pussy wanting to act as my cum’s sponge. 

You rocked yourself up and down without mercy,

Shouting, “fuck me baby, fuck me, baby,” tersely.

I let out a muffled groan,

Hoping you didn’t hear “I don’t want to be alone”

And fucked you harder than when you were prone.

Your legs wrapped around my body, holding you aloft.

 You threw your head back and moaned loud then soft

As I plunged deeper and deeper within your vaginal core

My cock tip knocking hard on your orgasmic door.

 My groans grew louder the faster I went

I could feel my cum building yearning to be spent.

Your juices dripped down my balls,

As we fucked up against the office’s walls. 

I lifted your legs higher, wanting more as my sac banged against your bum; 

Your fingers dug into my back as you felt yourself about to come.

I hammered into you harder, groaning as I did so

Knowing that my fleshy geyser was about to blow.

You kissed me quick and with one last hard thrust

My jets of cum reached the deepest part of your lust

As your own you let free and verily burst

Soaking my pubic hair – account receivable had been reimbursed;

I waited until the orgasmic spasms had my entire load sent

Then let you go to fall against the wall spent.

Through the lessening rhythm of our shared sex released pants

Our eyes kept locked burning memory the others naked remnants.

What happened was not about anything deep,

Your mind whispered as round your head did creep,

Perhaps tonight isn’t about a multitude of futures as two

But of the here and now

Without commitment of a vow.

“Fuck it,” you whispered as you decided what to do.

“What’s that?” I asked as I reached for my clothes to don,

Thinking that your loosening of the reins of rationality had gone;

Within a minute or two what we did would be deemed unworthwhile

And forever lost in the sea of denial.

“Nothing,” you replied, “it’s just I think this little party needs to make a move”

You bit on your bottom lip, traced your finger from breast to your inner groove.

“We both know that between us nothing could for long stay,

But for tonight I want that thought to belay

and for us to suck, lick and fuck until the coming of the day.”

I wasn’t sure what to think,

But back into you my cock to sink…

You pushed yourself off the wall and put your hand upon my shoulder,

Leaned close to my ear and in a voice that didn’t sound like yours, bolder,

As you thought of what lay on your bedside table brass,

“I’m going to go Star Wars on your ass”….

Work n' Play part II

I stood outside my hotel’s main doors;

More excited than a kid with the keys to a thousand candy stores,

Only an hour ago you had asked me where I was staying in town –

I quickly gave you the low down-

With quick kiss on the cheek you said that you’d be there within the hour.

Once there I had a quick shower

Thinking about your reply to not just going together,

“I have no desire to have the appearance that we two are on a tether,”

And with a wink you added, full of sass,

“I told you I’m going Star Wars on your ass.”

It had only taken me half the hour to prepare,

Wondering if you truly would take up the one night dare

Or leave me waiting on the street unaware

That your perchance to leave your want for someone for you care

Over a meaningless fuck would be of no compare.

As I stood there I realized that I didn’t know what you drove,

Was I looking for a car? Truck?  Yellow? Or mauve?

Would you even show up?

Or would I end up looking at my hand and saying, “Giddyup!”

Perhaps the mutual decision just to enjoy the moment and not to worry about

Had faded with the office quick fuck orgasmic fury.


I even started to doubt as to what I was thinking:

I had given up one night stands and though we knew each other,

I wasn’t the type you’d bring home to your mother.

We hadn’t even talked about whether or not this was just a night of lust

Or an ongoing “just anytime” one of us was horny and needed it or we’d bust.

Just more than and hour ago

 I didn’t think that I would be bold enough to go

As far as I had,

But I wanted you so bad,

 Or that you hadn’t just simply ripped my balls off

Just after grabbing them and saying, “cough”.


Now, maybe, it was good that you weren’t coming…

…but just as I had resolved to take what I had gotten

As only you wanting to flush your plumbing

And thinking it would continue was dumb and rotten -

I would have before going back to my life mimicking a monk,

Trying to emulate that Pepe cartoon, you know, the skunk.

You appeared walking briskly around the corner

And I felt my pants jerk from an awakening boner.

“I didn’t think you were coming back,” I admitted

Wishing that waiting for you I should have sitted. 

You smiled and said cheerily, “Come here, you big lug!”

There was an aroma about you as we gave an awkward loose hug;

 I didn’t want you to feel how quickly my cock began to harden

And feel myself redden and mutter out, “I beg your pardon.”

“I wanted us to start fresh,” you said quietly as you gave a pat 

To the small duffle bag with a picture of a smiling rat

Clutched tightly between the side of your chest and arm.

I almost asked what inside it made you handle it like a good luck charm.

Instead I nodded, “Start fresh,” I said,

Wondering just how far back I’d be led.

“Some dinner perhaps?

Where we’d be uncomfortable twiddling our thumbs in our laps?”

“Not that fresh,” you laughed,

“Don’t pretend to be so daft.

I don’t care to know if we are even right for each other -

All I want to the other with our juices slather and smother.”

“So tonight would be….”

“No woulda, shoulda, coulda’s –

I want you to fuck me…no promises…no questions.”

“But…” I began. 

You put one hand up to my mouth

To silence it while your other slid down my south.

“Tonight, we aren’t people,” you said with much candor barely above a hiss,

“Tonight all you are is a hard cock and all I am is a fucking hot pussy…I am I clear?” 

As your hand rubbed my crotch to my cheek you gave a small kiss.

All I could say through trembling lips was, “Yes my dear.”

We walked in silence to my room

As if we were mourning in our celibacy’s tomb.

I opened the door and you shut the door behind me

And looked uncertain for a brief moment as you put down the key. 

Your hand wrapped around mine as you led me quickly to the bedroom,

I wondered if many a bride were pulled this way by their horny groom!

My eyes couldn’t stop looking at the way your ass slid seductively side to side

Increasing my desire to hop on you and just ride.

There was no awkwardness in undressing in front of each other – no rue,

 Simply something that felt right to do.

Once we were done shedding what kept the secrets of our bodies a tether

 We came together and stood by the bed,

Face to face,

Lips to lips,

And kissed.

We knew that this was nothing more than a momentary lapse,

For this was about sexual fulfilment and not about love, perhaps,

We both thought that would come someday,

Not from the other in any kind of realistic way

But for this moment was about fucking and nothing more –

Tonight we both would play the role of a whore. 

I trembled slightly as my hands touched your bare skin

From the back of your head down to your shin,

As your breasts seductively ground into mine

Accepting that tonight we were only about carnal intertwine.

I let my hand drop down between your succulent thigh molds,

My fingers shoved their way between your vaginal folds,

 It was sopping wet like the tides had come in and not gone out yet.

 You pulled me onto the bed intent on having your sexual needs met.

You lay with your legs spread wide,

And saw to my satisfaction and pride,

Your pussy still swollen from our quickie in your office an hour before

And begging for more:

I was so ready to oblige.

My face was just inches away from your hot hole,

My fingers teasing the lips on either side of the dripping pink bowl.

The first long lick covered my tongue with your delicious syrup

And your hips did rear up

To let me know you approved and wanted more –

To make your appetite sate until your pussy was sore!

I nibbled, sucked, and licked each lip

From the bottom to the top with my tongue’s tip.

A hard stroke of my tongue across the tip of your clit

Brought a louder moan, a louder scream.

It was already protruding and all a teem,

Begging to be sucked as my lips wrapped around it

Treated it to what it wanted,

What it was demanding,

What it needed. 

Your fingers pulled at your nipples,

Making the roundness of your breasts give seductive ripples.

Your legs spread even wider,

As if you were upon an Easy Rider -

Your hips humped my face as you began to cum;

Sending your sweet juice running along the curves of your bum,

 My tongue lashing back and forth even faster between your clit

and vaginal folds creating froth from your succulent juices and my spit.

You pushed me from your velvety folds on to my back as you got on your knees;

Your breasts grazed my lower legs that sent a tickling pleasure to my brain in appease

 As you settled yourself between my legs. 

You did nothing at first leaving me to wonder if I were to be a dog that begs,

Then you pressed your lips against the head of my shaft with a soft kiss. 

The texture of your lovely lips caused me to give out a excited hiss.

My cock lay in the palm of your hand as you licked it from balls to tip;

Then you traced my cock’s head with a nibble and a pre-cum sip

Before you pressed your lips down and around it. 

A little groan from between my lips did I emit

As I laid my hands lightly on the top of your head –

Torn between letting you continue or instead

Pulling you up to feel your even moister lips enveloping my hardness. 

My decision was made when you took my cock in full

And I could feel the back of your throat on its sensitive tip pull.

My entire shaft was enveloped in your hot oral net,

The tendrils of lust shot out through out my lack’s sexual debt -

Your tongue and lips touch sending wave after wave of pleasure bold

Rippling from it to the rest of my body to you I would have sold.

Within you I did melt;

I stifled a moan in an effort to hide from you how good you felt

As you slid it slowly out of your mouth as you massaged my sac. 

I looked down to see you watching my reactions to your sucking knack –

The view of you with a smile wrapped around my hardness caused another moan

To escape my lips as I stretched out even more prone. 

You let my cock slip out of your mouth without a sound

And you kissed my skin just above my pubic mound. 

You took my hardness in your hand with soft arrest

And slowly stroked it as you kissed your way up my chest,

Taking time to pay extra attention to each of my own nipples

As yours added their fleshy massage to my belly ripples.

With every touch you showed that you were a woman of sexual tact,

You took in my bottom lip without breaking eye contact

And gave it a nibble as your hand continued to stroke my hard member.

I knew that night though it wouldn’t again be played would be forever a remember.

You sucked my lip in hard and gave it a little nibble before you let it slide from yours;

The hardness of your nipples brushing against mine opened my pores,

Sweat began to form making me want to grab you by the waist

And let my cock invade your lush pussy with feverish haste.


You must have sensed it too as you slid my pre cum slathered tip

around your clit in tight little circles making my hormones flip.  

You brought your head up a little further with a sexy wiggle,

I began to kiss your neck which made you giggle. 

 “You know what I want you to do for me, my dear?”

 You breathed lustily into my ear.

I didn’t know what you wanted but your aroma was driving me insane,

I had to struggle to focus through the bolts of pleasure zinging to my brain

From the tip of my cock as you rubbed it even faster against your own hard clit

And up and down your pussy’s slit.

“What’s that?”

You let out a soft moan as your hips started to assist your hand with my cock and half sat,

 “I want to fill all my holes…all of them.”

“All of them?” I answered dreamily drinking in the fell of your moist pussy hem.

I wondered what exactly you were trying to make me see to be led,

You slowly nodded your head

though I could only tell from the way your neck muscles felt

as I ran my tongue up and down your neck’s sweat slicked thick svelte.

My earlobe to your mouth did you bring,

Ran your tongue around the rim and added, “But baby, there’s one thing…”

“One thing?”   I said though I wanted to sing.

You stopped nibbling my ear and slunk back down slow,

 Letting your breasts trail down my chest until you mouth was below

Breathing its heat on my cock’s head;

But nothing was what you said.

Your tongue licked my balls as your finger slid to my ass;

I spread my legs a little farther apart to let you easily pass

As my cock gave a spasm of anticipation from your feathery touch. 

No woman had ever reached a bold move as such,

You began to move your finger around my puckered hole,

I began to see to what your mind had decided would be my role.

I was starting to get the idea of what the one thing would be. 

You just kept on rimming a finger around my anal hole as if putting in a key.

Without taking any concentration from my seat

You took one ball into your mouth’s heat,

Ran it along the inside of your mouth before letting it fall softly out

Then took the other one in with your lips firm and stout.

Without warning you stood up without a behest

And gently grabbed the right side of my waist to roll me over onto my chest,

You didn’t insist

And I didn’t resist. 

You pressed yourself against me that gave me erotic feeling ripples,

The moistness of your pubic mound tickled my ass crack and the feel of your hard nipples pressing against the middle of my back made my cock cry out to be turned back around, 

But I made no sound.

Your voice came to my ear as you nestled your chin on my shoulder blade

And your hot pussy lips even tighter against my ass you laid.

In a voice so low that I could just barely hear you,

 “I want your cock to fill me up, baby, I do...” 

You ground your pussy even harder into me. 

“But baby, if you want to pop my cherry…you see…” 

I heard the sound of you sucking on something with a smack,

I felt something moist and slender running down my as crack

and then resting on my previously unexplored doors.

“I want you to let me pop yours.”

You pressed down on your finger a little more firm

Which caused me not to only give a little squirm

But my legs on their own violation did wider bow. 

You rubbed up and down slow. 

I shuddered. 

The sound of your voice inflamed my lust even more as you sexily muttered,

“What’s it going to be, baby?”

I don’t know if I said yes or moaned my agreement to the deal,

 But you kissed my ear and whispered as if I did indeed seal,

“I knew you were going to want it, Baby Blue…

Because you know I want to feel that cock of yours in mine too…

I want to know what I’ve been missing…

…We’re going to have so much fun tonight…kissing,”

You gave my shoulder a short kiss that than before was more bolder.

“Sucking,” you said as you kissed my other shoulder.

“And fucking,” you ended as you kissed the nape of my neck

With a solvent and erotic peck.

I felt your breasts stop giving my back their loving touch,

Raised my hips up as they trembled from the idea of such

And resolved myself to be in your hands

To run along my back lands. 

I couldn’t help the bit of nervous shaking my body was doing;

this wasn’t something that I would think would excite me but leave me ruing,

but as the pre cum on my cock began to leak even more

I knew it wasn’t going to be something I’d regret and probably adore.

I closed my eyes as I heard you open the bag that you had brought;

I gave a momentary thought of turning around to see what you sought,

But my excitement from not knowing was more powerful than my need to know. 

You climbed back on the bed gently raised me to my knees with your hands just so,

 The pressure of your warm breasts on my ass made my cock jerk. 

And to my anticipation did my libido perk.

As I felt your hot breath on the small of my back,

I began to question if this was a little off my track -

Goosebumps ran up along my spine;

I thought that I should tell you no or whine,

 That I didn’t know if I could go through with it. 

I was about to open my mouth and say some shit,

Fighting the excitement of the touch of your breasts on my ass so hot

When I heard you whispering to yourself your own thought;

 “I want this; I need to show him how I want this...” 

My own fears subsided and let go of the doubt in being a priss 

 Because you were going through the same emotional roller coaster

And both us needed to have a fucking hot and heavy sex roaster.

The last of the resolve to tell you to stop subsided

When you spread my ass with your hands

And your tongue began to lick around my ass crack,

Down one side to the skin where my ass and my balls slack

 Then up the other side;

Each time your tongue got closer to the anal ride. 

The tip of your tongue rimmed around the edge of my anal star.

I felt you probe it with your tongue – I hadn’t ever felt anything like this by far, 

I must have jumped a little as you brought your tongue back

And traced my ass crack from top to bottom of my sac

To let my body settle down to where it would be receptive again

To where you wanted your focus to remain.

I heard a cap open and felt a warm thick liquid settle on my anal spin. 

I felt your pinkie finger slowly start to swirl the lube along my hole, slowly pushing in. 

It allowed you to slide in and out and I feel a larger finger take the place of your small,

I spread my fingers out towards the wall. 

 Slowly my ass began to relax,

Letting you finger fuck me deeper and deeper to your finger’s max. 

“You like me fucking you, baby?” you asked in a husky voice that seems to linger.

In response to your query my hips began to move back and forth against your finger

And I answer thickly, “Oh, fuck yes.”

You withdrew your finger from my ass and said quieter no less,

 “Good. I want you on your side, baby.” 

I did as you asked without a sarcastic ‘maybe’.

You put my leg up and bent down and retrieved something beside you. 

 I wanted to look to see what you were about to do

But I couldn’t keep my eyes off of yours as watched my reaction

To something larger sliding along my ass for some action.

 It wasn’t as warm as your tongue but I knew it was coated with lube slick;

 My cock hardened tip covered with a layer of pre cum thick.

You bent down and rolled your tongue along my tip, taking in my juice

That was oozing like a damage dam in a sluice. 

 The tip of your tongue slid around the edge of my head and then you took it into your lips,

The warmth almost made me cum large seminal spits. 

As your mouth slowly started down my shaft

I felt the toy entering my ass with at the same pace as I wondered if it had a haft.

My cock stiffened even more in your mouth and I let out a loud guttural groan. 

With the skill of a skilled racing roan,

You slid down on my cock so its head touched the back of your throat,

I felt the hardness deep in my ass’s moat,

I couldn’t help but think that it was like some magic trick;

The tightness of your mouth acting as a mirror

Of what you were doing to me with something long and thick 

Giving me a double dose of your intentions clearer.

Both your hand with the dildo and your mouth withdrew

And engulfed me in sync with the other anew. 

The slight discomfort was over ridden by the exhilaration of you having me

Entirely at whatever your mercy be;

You had to be aware of the power you had over this sexual heated split

But you took no action to abuse it -

You just let me be swallowed into my own lustiness

While relishing the feel on my skin of your utter bustiness.

 I put my hands on the top of your head and my hips began to move,

Pushing down on the dildo sliding in and out of my behind

And thrusting my cock up into your mouth in kind.

We built a rhythm as with your mouth and your hand expertly fucked me. 

Your dildo touched my prostate causing me to give a hard spasm of lustful glee. 

I opened my eyes slightly and saw that you continued to watch my unfettered splendor

As you started to twist the dildo quicker and harder than before.

I didn’t know that it was possible for you to make my cock harder than it already was,

But I could feel the muscles and veins tightening like a hive full of bees buzz -

My awareness dissolved and nothing existed except for the moment, you and me. 

You sensed the new urgency to cum

And you began to suck harder and thrust the dildo into me harder some;

My hips responded by matching with a roughness of their own

As we both began to shudder and moan.

I slammed my cock so deep into your mouth that my balls hit your chin. 

I couldn’t control my thrusts – my own primal urge to sin -

 I wanted them to match your own thrusts into my over stimulated anal well,

And for you to drink deep the seminal swell. 

 I gave one more thrust deep into your throat and began to cum hard and fast

 I thought you would pull me out as I sprayed my blast

But you sucked with more vigour,

 Drinking all the liquid as it splashed against the back of your throat with rigor. 

You slowed your thrusts as the last of my sex juices trickled out of my cock,

Just playing with your toy’s tip around my own rim as if you were mooring a ship to a dock,

you slowly withdrew my cock out of your heated moist mouth.

I felt the toy leave my hole entirely then,

I pulled you up and kissed you hard tasting myself in your oral den.

I went to say something but you shushed me

And reminded me that the night was about that night to be;

 No promises, no questions and no lies.

I kissed you again and you said as you rubbed my rehardening size,

“Now I want you to fuck me like I fucked you, baby doll,”

As you rolled over onto your stomach relaxed in a loll. 

You looked at me and admitted,

“I don’t know why but I want you to be the one…

…That fanned the spark that I had litted…

…We may never fuck again, Hun

 But I want to remember you being the one

To whom all of this was done.”

I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to respond or even if I was supposed to. 

 I kissed your shoulder and said in a coo,

 “I never thought I’d be the one to be fucked,

 But I’m glad you were the one whose offer I hadn’t ducked. 

 We may never have another night like this and I don’t want you to regret it.”

You gave a little smile, kissed my hand with the edge of your lips only in the slightest bit.

“Don’t start with that tenderness shit,”

You chided me half seriously. 

“Making love is something we may never do,

but I’ll never regret that we fucked…or sue..

Now stop worrying so much or I’ll start thinking

That our hedonistic romp is a boat that is sinking.”

You reached down and grabbed hold of my cock,

 sliding your thumb gently over its tip. 

 Our eyes did lock,

 “Think with what’s in my hand and the clock…

…fuck me; the rest is for some other in another time,

To just be two carnal beings is no crime.”

“But,” I started to say.

You cut me off without delay.

“The only butt that you should be thinking of is mine

And sliding this mighty cock of yours into it fine.”

We lay close together on our sides for a moments few,

One arm holding up our heads as the other arm rest loosely on the other’s waist,

 Just looking into the other’s eyes in a mock display of what lovers would do. 

You were building up your resolve to what you wanted me to do with good taste

While I was just trying to keep the level the excitement that the heat of your middle

That shot through my open palm like a pancake on a griddle

Up my arm to my head

That was far from relaxing but invigorating instead.

The aroma of our sex play intermixed with the slight herbal smell from the shampoo you used

as the sweat that matted it released its scent into the air and to my nostrils it soothed. 

I knew I had to knock myself out of my fantasy that this would happen again;

That the emotions I was feeling wasn’t anything more than endorphins

released by physical pleasured sins.

I decided I better do something before the open door we had left started to close

And the opportunity no more would it arose.

“Just relax,” I cooed into your ear,

“Close your eyes and just let my body be anybody you hold dear

And want to be beside to you right now.”

You reached up and brushed my cheek with the back of your hand,

Our eyes locking like a frozen beach’s sand. 

 “Baby, right now, if I wanted to be fucking anyone but you, we wouldn’t be here,”

 You explained with a tremble in your voice so mere.

I could tell that it had taken a lot more of your will power to not think your usual what ifs

And all the whys we shouldn’t have began this virtual island of lust without lover’s tiffs.

I bent over closer and ran my tongue around your bottom lip and then your top. 

 “Still no questions to be opened and explored?”

 I asked in a voice that growled like a bear roar,

Hoping you would ask why I thought we were doing this sexual frenzied drop,

Yet dreading having to answer with, “I don’t know but I don’t want to stop.”

You returned my actions with your own of outlining my lips

But sucked my bottom lip into your mouth for a moment of two nips

Before releasing and saying with a small smile so coy,

 “Now make me cum as hard as you did, lover boy.” 

As if you had let a secret slip,

As if you had let your defenses dip,

Your cheeks reddened slightly and then you stuttered out an amendment,

About the prospect that I’d misinterpret the sentiment,

 “I didn’t mean…look, we’re not lovers…we’re just fuckers...

…Like a chick spreading her legs to get rides from truckers.” 

I gave you a hard kiss to show the passion you were in me attracting,

 My tongue playing with yours mercilessly

Just so you wouldn’t try to continue your back tracking.


I didn’t want you to take it back,

Even if we both knew that we weren’t in love or even that tact;

But then maybe we were but we were both too overly protected of our selves to admit

To the other that this was something more than either of us was treating it as a fuck pit. 

You rolled back onto your stomach waiting for my lead to tread,

 Resting your head in your hands and you stuck your ass slightly off the bed;

There was no more talking –

It was time for walking –

it was time to fuck

Instead of being immersed how in words that we could get stuck.

I resisted the urge to ravage you like a tanner to a piece of leather,

I ran my fingertips down your back like a feather,

Sliding them from side to side as I made my way down to what I would seek

 And moved my body down until my eyes were even with your rounded ass cheek. 

I let my fingertips circle each cheek followed by a kiss;

I could feel in the taste of your skin on my lips that you were in lustful bliss.


I wanted to mount that ass and let my cum put claim to you,

I had to remember that this wasn’t making love in what we did and were to do,

 It was fucking and that it was about fully satisfying the other’s lust

not just my own selfish needs to kick from my sexless existence the dust.

I slid off the bed letting my hands follow my head in the route I took,

You looked down with a quizzical look;

 I gave you a wink rather than saying what I could have said.

I knelt between your two feet that hung off the bed

And began to run a hand up and down each of your calves. 

 I kissed one ankle and then the other with long wet laves. 

I ran my tongue along the back of your right leg to your ass bottom curve

Then back down in a long windy swerve.

I moved up your legs slowly like that, first a kiss, then tasting your delicious smooth skin

Then cooling my saliva down by blowing on it with my lips round as a pin. 

 I reached your inner thighs slick as the sides of a river,

The anticipation made both your ass and my cock quiver.

I licked your left inner thigh,

You spread your legs even wider with a sigh

 And your hips came up even more

Letting me see your luscious two holes to bore. 

 I continued to lick both your thighs

As my cock trembled to touch your ass lies

But I couldn’t take my eyes of your already leaking velvety pussy

And that hot ass that called to me to take it, don’t be a wussy. 

I darted my tongue in between your pussy’s fold;

 A moan escaped your lips from your pleasure told. 

I began to lick the crack of your ass and your round cheeks,

Giving your clit little tweaks.

Paying special attention to that patch of sensitive skin between ass pussy lips,

Moving across back and forth like a set of fleshy whips

Your hips began move with my tongue attack.

After a few seconds I continued with  my tongue up the crack.

The tip of my tongue tickled the edge of your asshole in a move probably crass.

I swirled my tongue around the top of the crack of your ass. 

Methodically, I kissed, licked and sucked my way up to your neck from your back,

My cock nestled in tightly in your crack

As I ran my tongue from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. 

I reached over with one hand and opened the lube “Cascade”,

Putting some on my finger did I dole

Then slid the finger underneath where my cock rested onto your puckered hot hole. 

You shivered as the coolness of the lube on your virgin ass but didn’t say stop. 

 My finger gently entered your puckered anal top.

My lips were on your ear biting ever so gently as they took on a slightly red hue.

I quietly whispered in your ear. “Am I hurting you?” 

I noticed as my finger slowly pushed in and out your ass quivering;

As if sending a message to your brain through  excited shivering.

I took out my pinkie

Put some more lube on my middle finger

And I again rimmed your ass my finger then slid it in.

I felt the muscle clamp around my finger,

Commanding it to linger.

I decided to push my opening bid,

 My finger pushed forward as my open mouth slid

Along the sinews of your neck to your collar bone

To let you know we were together not separate alone.

 My finger did it pass

 The second set of muscles in your ass

And knew from your exploration of my own hole to hold my hand still

Lest the urge of your want would I kill.

I felt your muscles clench and stretch,

As well as a breath did you catch

While you took in the new sensations I was giving you.

When your ass began to relax anew

I started to slide my finger in and out

Letting your mind decide what this was all about.

I leaned close to your ear, ran my tongue along its edges and whispered quite husk,

“This is it…this is what you’ve been waiting for, feel my man tusk.”

I pushed the tip of my cock gently against your warm and slick anal star

To which you let out a growl like a revving car. 

I whispered further, “I’m going to fuck you hard where you sit.”

I pushed forward slowly letting your tightness get used to my tip in it. 

I felt your hips quiver a little as more pressure I plied,

I waited a few seconds and then pushed a little more until my entire cock tip was inside. 

 I took my hand away,

Letting your hole keep my hardness in you lay.

I resisted the urge to start thrusting hard into your tightness

Though I wanted you to have all of me in you for all its rightness.  

“We don’t have to do this,” I reminded you gently, “You’ve got a fantastic pussy to fuck.”

You voice sounded a little strained as you answered to my luck,

“Tit for tat, baby.

  I want that cock sliding in me – it’s not a maybe.” 

I pushed forward a little brunt;

You gave a grunt. 

“Fuck…it’s so big,” you moaned with a smile not a pout,

“And don’t you dare pull that cock of yours out! 

This feels fucking weird but so fucking good, baby.”

You had made your decision to have this solely,

I pushed forward slowly,

Stopping when your breath got shallower and strained -

Then would continue when your hot asshole adjusted to my cock caned

Until you finally took my entire shaft in. 

You moaned as I snuggled my balls tight against your crack;

Your heat and mine blended into one and sent shivers through my sack. 

You reached round and felt the base of my cock on your asshole. 

You rubbed my pubic patch asked with a voice of ignited coal,

 “I want to feel your cock sliding in and out of me…fuck me, baby, please-

Don’t just keep it in me like this, don’t tease.”

I slowly started to pull my hips back,

To let the feel of me in you get a little slack,

Keeping your hips with my hands still;

You moaned with a bit of a trill

I pulled my cock half way out and then slowly pushed it back in,

 Feeling the tight muscles accepting my cock like a cotter pin –

Your breathing became heavier but you didn’t ask me to stop. 

I reached down and with my middle finger found your clit all a sop, 

 I began to rub its pink hooded engorged mass,

 Sliding my finger side to side to match the increasing thrusts into your ass.

“Oh fuck me!” you screamed;

I felt a warm spray on my fingers from orgasm churned and creamed. 

I forgot any notion of being gentle,

 The aroma of your pleasure caught my nostrils igniting to animalistic mental. 

I started to thrust hard, my balls slapping against you –

There was no resistance from you just moans and a chorus of the coo,

 “Oh fuck yeah, baby, yeah” vocalizing our lusts.

Your ass muscles started to grip and release with my thrusts,

Your hips started to drive me even harder into your asshole

 As your voiced pleasure moans became louder, raspy and low.

I rubbed your clit faster as you screamed and I felt your ass start to lock;

The sudden tightness almost brought cum into from my cock,

But I didn’t want to before you had cum at least one more time -

Fuck, your hips feel made my mind ingest the sensation sublime!

I slowed my thrusts without slowing my teasing of your clit;

You had no desire to slow your horniness fully alit

 And started to ram yourself harder and faster into me,

Causing my balls to loudly slap against the bottom of your vaginal fold

As if to punctuate every thing to you I had doled.

When you began to cum hard once again as hard as before

You became a lioness on her prey and gave out a mighty roar.

You ground your ass into my pubic hair in little circles tight,

Combined by the vice grip your rectal muscles put on my might,

I couldn’t hold my own pleasure spew

And ground the base of my cock as close to your hole anew

Before I released deep within you. 

Jet after jet of cum sprayed deep-

 I felt the last bit dribble weakly out of me spout,

I collapsed panting on top of your back. 

Your hips began to slow and your muscles started to slack

Allowing my quickly softening cock to slip out,

Leaving a thick trail of cum around your hole to seep. 

You sank down and lay flat on the bed,

I moved up beside you and kissed you on and below your head;

You let out a soft moan

To let me know that what I did you did condone.

 I moved your sweat covered hair from the nape of your neck

And kissed and nibbled up to your ear giving it a supple peck. 

“Honey, I…” I began to say. 

You turned quickly onto your side

Putting your arms out then to me they did glide.

A hand on each side of my face pulled my lips to yours,

Drawing my tongue deep into your oral lip lined doors. 

We battled each other with our tongues for minute after minute,

Your hard nipples pressed against mine. 

Our waists moved closer to one another until your vaginal folds

Held in their hot moist fold my semi hardness.

You broke our lip lock and firmly repeated your mantra for the night,

“No questions, no promises, this is for only a one time delight.”

 I nodded but I couldn’t help but think that neither of us believed that night was about nothing;

To what we did there was something:

 It was about both of us oiling the hinges that kept everyone out

So they opened on our terms rather than rusting open and to a lout…

Work n’ Play part III

The night had lasted until the sun had just began to peek through the hem of the drapes

When we had decided that a few hours of rest would be a good idea after a night

Of passionate exploration of the other’s bodies and sexual escapes. 

Though I was tired, I fell to sleep only light unsure what the hours would invite.

 I knew that I should have gotten out of the bed,

Dressed and left without another word between us said,

But I didn’t

For my sexual thirst for you wasn’t yet intermittent.

I must have gotten some sleep but I was stirred from my haze

By something touching me warmer than the morning sun’s rays.

Through slitted eyes I found to the opposite of morose

That you had snuggled in close

And though your face had looked like unconsciousness arranged

Your breathing pattern had changed.

You were awake.

I kept still not knowing what from this I should take.

 I heard you give a tired, “mmmmm” as you put your arm around my chest

So I turned onto my other side so that you would not feel what was not at rest,

That my hunger for you had not been adjusted to lack.

You pressed your breasts into my back

And leaned in to kiss my shoulder as your hand started to wander

 around my chest, my thighs and my quickly awakening cock did you saunter.

I felt your hand slid up my stomach, the soft kisses on my shoulder once more

I kept my body still to see what you had in store. 

You gently coaxed me to go onto my back;

I offered no resistance, nothing by slack,

Trying not to let on that you were awakening me in more ways than one –

Though my hardness must have offered you an overt clue of what you had done. 

You moved your kisses to my chest,

Softly curling your tongue along the outline of each breast.

Your hand slid down my stomach and onto one thigh;

I had to bite the inside of my mouth to stifle a sigh.

Your hand continued down to my knee like a gentle lake tide

Then you switched to the other leg and back up the side. 

A low moan slipped from my lips as your hand glided inward

And moved over my balls and onto my hardness that your touch did gird. 

Without thought to the dead sleep myth,

I lifted my hip so that you could have even more of my shaft to play with. 

You started stroking my hardness with a feather light touching bliss,

Steeling itself even more with every inch down my stomach did you kiss.

Your tongue swirled around my navel then even more low,

Going even more torturously slow

 Your mouth made it down to my throbbing shaft

And its quivering amused you and quietly you laughed. 

I took a sharp intake of breath as your tongue and lips kissed the tip of my cock

That though you knew naught I had given you to forever dock.

You squeezed my cock harder as your tongue ran along its tip. 

You continued to lick, swirling your tongue down as your lips closed themselves around my pulsating head. 

You began to slide my entire length into your mouth,

I moaned from the ecstatic pleasure of the pressure of your mouth along my shaft. 

The pleasure you of your touch made my heart race like it was under attack

As your other hand moved down to my sack. 

You grabbed my balls and gently began to tug on them as to his chains does a martyr,

All the while sucking me faster and harder. 

Soon your tugs matched the pace of your strokes along my cock with skilful measure,

I could do nothing but lay there wrapped in a heavy fog of pleasure,

Not wanting ever lose the feeling of your skin against my legs

And trying to forgo knowing that soon this would be past and it’d be back to the dregs.

As you continued to tug and suck,

My mind kept on repeating “fuck fuck fuck” -

Your finger slid back and began rubbing my perineum,

Summoning the build up of a hot pool of cum.

The new sensation your finger’s touch made my cock pulsate galore

sending shudders all the way up my head with volcanic ardour.

I needed more;

I wanted to feel your lips touch my very core.

Your tongue flicked and swirled like an all powerful mortal,

I started to buck my hips to drive my cock deeper into your humid portal

Which made your finger faster glide;

At that point anything you were to ask I would have surrendered and abide.

 My balls tightened, you felt the release beginning to peak

And with the assuredness that men in lovers we all seek.

I was sure that my loud groans shook the room 

As you quickened your oral vacuum;

Running your tongue up and down my hard

That destroyed the last defensive wall of my cum’s guard.

I couldn’t hold it back and I exploded a shout

Of which my cum as rigorously spewed bout after bout.

While into my own pleasure’s feather pillow I sank

You continued to suck as you drank,

Swallowing every bit of my juice until I slowed to a mere sip.

You withdrew from deep slowly with my tip resting on your lip

And flicked my urethra to get the last drop,

As your hand massaged slowly my pubic mop.

You were so damn good that my thoughts were going wild

You looked up at me and smiled.

I ran my hands through your hair

Not caring if you didn’t want me to stare.

I said, “Morning…how’s it going?” in a voice so lame.

You giggled and you started up my frame;

Kissing and licking every inch that you could,

My cock already firming as you knew it would. 

You stopped at my nipples and you made circles slow

 Around one and surrounded it in your heated mouth’s seminal glow. 

You gave it a gentle nibble and a few flicks of your tongue –

Making me climb up the ladder of lust one more rung.

I slid my hands down to each of your shoulder’s curve;

I tried to pull you up to show my appreciation for your verve. 

Our eyes locked and I said,

“I wonder how much you realize the path I’m on that you have led.”

You gave a little laugh and in reply,

“I’m a big girl, and fully accept what comes on by –

 I think I could handle the consequences of my actions…can you?” 

You moved up my body anew,

Your vaginal folds wrapped along the outline of my sex meat

and you pressed your lips hard against mine in a torrid greet,

 kissing me to reinforce your command of the situation,

glad that you had chosen this over my emasculation.


You let your outer pussy lips slide up and down my shaft,

Driving me from lucidness to almost daft,

As your juices coating it but denying my tip entrance.
Your lips moved to my neck, kissing, licking and sucking soft

Your way up to my ear with each moment further throwing me aloft. 

You whispered, “I think I have a firm grip on the situation, don’t you?”

I could think of nothing back that I could coo.

I saw the smile spread across your face;

I let a soft moan escape that came from my lust’s base -

I felt your breath, moist and hot,

As it travelled up my neck and to the ear you sought. 

 “I want you now,” you whispered as your hand slid down my side

And pushed me inside.

You growled as my hardness entered your sopping hole,

As if touching the heart of your want’s soul.

You began to wiggle your hips as you lifted yourself up

With me using my hands your ass to cup

And brought yourself down onto me fully down sweet

and with low guttural moans you continued to repeat.

With all the spirit of a spirited roan

You slid up and down my cock,

Your clit grinding into my pelvic bone, 

You sat up and began furiously knock.

 I wanted to feel every part of your being,

Not just your juiciness upon my member but seeing.

I played with your clit,

Swollen and red like an apple candle lit -

Pinched your nipples,

To which upon my thighs I felt your pleasure ripples.

 It made you arch your back and grab onto my thigh

And slam down onto my cock for me to dig deep into your pussy pie.

Sweat cascaded from our bodies thick;

You looked down with a half smile

Your pussy muscles tightened hard around my dick

And I succumbed to your luscious wile -

And heated cum I spewed into you deep and quick.

With a scream of, “Oh fuck yes, baby, yes!”

Your own sweetness sprayed from around my penile caress.

You fell forward and kissed me hard as you soaked my pelvic bone –

Our hips slowed as we caught our breath,

Relishing in the wetness of the other seeping into our alone –

Something that made me higher than anyone doing crystal meth.

You slid slowly to the side,

Making sure my cock out it didn’t slide.

We laid there

Locked in each other’s stare;

Our sex infused for the briefest of moments in time.

I couldn’t help but think that it was a crime

That it was the beginning of a new day

And you and I would never again cross this way.