Thursday, July 30, 2015

B day

“Now what?” you said as you rose off the couch. You had just managed to get rid of the birthday well wishers and had sat down to let the events of the day sift through your mind. Soon as the last guest had left you had made a made dash to get into nothing but an oversized shirt, not feeling energetic enough to put on anything else. You had just started to feel the weight of the day drift when the door bell had rung. You walked and peered through the key hole to see a giant beaver standing just outside your door. There was a slight debate whether to open the door but you thought that want ever it was, it was best to get it over with so that it would be quicker to bed instead of thinking what the hell a giant beaver would be standing in front of your door for.
“Howdy,” I said through the air hole in the beaver suit.
You rolled your eyes and thought to yourself it was way too late for this kind of shit. “Why are you dressed like a beaver?”
I shrugged my shoulders and stated, “Cuz dressing up like a rooster would’ve been too gay.” I did a quick squat and back up again to make my tail slap loudly against the hallway floor. Several doors in the hallway opened up.
You grabbed me by my chest fur and pulled me in, not wanting to answer any neighborly inquiries on having a giant beaver at your door. You closed the door behind us and repeated your question, “So why the beaver outfit?”
“I thought you might like a physical representation of your birthday present,” I said.
You folded your arms and said resignedly, “But I’m the one with the beaver already, aren’t I?”
“The best presents are the one’s that you give yourself,” I retorted, “And as I said, rooster costumes just lead to too many gay men following me. This one only had a couple of drunk frat boys panicking.”
You gave a sigh and reached around and took off the beaver head.
We stood looking at each other in silence of a few moments and then you asked why I had come to your place in the first place. I explained that I thought that since I hadn’t been able to join you with your friends I ought to at least come by and give you a birthday kiss.
“So a kiss and then I can get some sleep?” You asked unsurely.
“Yup,” I responded.
You considered it for a moment and then puckered your lips. I leaned over and touched your lips lightly with mine. Instead of drawing away quickly I let my tongue the outline of them. The firmness of your pucker lessened and your hand snaked back and cradled my neck. Our mouths opened and our tongues met and tingles of anticipation pierced my thoughts from the forthwith ness of your oral exploration. You broke the kiss and slid your hands along my fur lined shoulders and found the zipper. You unzipped the costume halfway and stuck your hand inside and played with my chest hair.
You nibbled my bottom lip and seductively whispered, “Give you any ideas about what you should do with my beaver?” You reached down and unzipped the suit, which fell down to my ankles. “No clothes underneath?” you asked with your eyebrow arched.
“Well,” I said and gave a cough, “I’ve always enjoyed beavers against my penis.”
“Why do I ask?” you said as you looked to the ceiling. You bent down onto your knees in front of me.
“Uh, should I point out that it’s your birthday, not mine?”
You looked up as you took my quickly hardening cock in one hand and massaged the mound of pubic hair above it with the other hand and with a smile responded, “Anything that could possibly make you stop talking is a birthday present.”
You lightly kissed my quivering cock tip before sticking your tongue out and slowly circling my cock tip with it. I groaned and you gave a little smile just before you started to take my shaft into your mouth, sucking me in inch by inch until your lips touched the base of my cock. You then drew your head back, you put one hand on my ass and the other gripped my cock and began to stroke it as your lips traveled back and forth along its length.
I looked down at you and pushed your hair behind your ears so that I could see your face as you gobbled my cock. You were watching me watching you. I couldn’t stop myself from groaning as I felt a hand on my balls, tickling them. I hadn’t thought this far ahead, the most I had thought would happen was I would cop a cheap feel before you slapped me; I was unprepared for the attention you were giving my cock and I could feel the result of my underestimation tightening within my scrotum.
You heard me groan again and began to move your head even faster up and down my cock, you could feel my balls tightening and loosening – indicating that I would soon be cumming. I confirmed your suspicion as I hoarsely spat out, “Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum.”
You took all of my cock into your mouth. My body tightened and you felt the semen spray into your mouth as my cock convulsed within it. Your eyes never left mine as you drank me all in and waited until I had stopped pulsating before you took your mouth of my shaft. You flicked your tongue out and caught the few remaining drops of fluid from my cock tip before you licked your lips and stood up.
You kissed me on the lips and said, “Eat more celery or there’ll never be a next time.”
“I better make the most of this opportunity then,” I said with a note of urgency that I really didn’t mean to have in it.
I pushed you back onto the couch so that you were lying with your head on the plush arm. I dropped to my knees and brought my mouth to yours. Our tongues met, running along each other as my hands moved to undo the buttons on your shirt and slowly pulling it off your body. I began to kiss my way down your cheek and chin, neck and shoulder blades to your quickly heaving breasts. My teeth lightly nipped one hard nipple before I took it into my mouth and began to suckle it hard as my fingers massaged the other nipple. I then released my grip on your nipple and moved my mouth to the other one as my let my hand wander down to your juicy pussy lips.
I rolled your clit between my fingers, making you gasp. I let my hand move to your vaginal folds and rubbed my palm along its surface. “Should I pretend you’re the yellow pages and let my fingers do the walking?” I didn’t wait for an answer but pushed two fingers into your folds.
“Oh yes,” you panted breathlessly as my finger slid slowly in and out of you, my thumb lightly stroking around the edge.
Your legs spread themselves out and I moved down the length of your body, kissing the undersides of your breasts and stomach as I did so. My mouth rested between your legs. I pushed your lips apart and lightly flicked your swollen clit with the tip of my tongue as my fingertips traced your moist folds just on the outer edge. Your hips arched yourself against my face to increase the pressure of both my tongue and fingers.
“Now should I put something in that’s little bigger than my tongue,” I whispered.
You didn’t open your eyes but screamed, “Yes” as your body tightened as an orgasm quaked through your body.
I got up and positioned myself over you and let my cock slide into your seeping vaginal lips. You lifted your hips to take my entire shaft inside you and we began to move together.
“Fuck me harder!” you panted lustily.
I complied, thrusting in and out faster and harder, pushing myself in completely before withdrawing and pushing my cock back into you again. Your moan saturated my ears, the feel of your fingers pressing into my ass to push me even farther in spurned me to drive into hard as I could, reaching a frenzied level.
You could feel the pulsating rhythm of my cock in you as it slid back and forth; it wouldn’t be long before I came. You wanted to cum together and you reached down and began to rub your clit as furiously as my cock was grinding into you.
“OOOHHH, FUCK!” we screamed together. I felt your smooth muscles tighten around my cock as you clamped your legs around my waist. I couldn’t hold my excitement any longer and with a final thrust that plunged my sac hard against you I released. With every stream that shot out of me I could feel your pussy muscles spasming around my cock from your own orgasm; the mixture of our fluids erupting around our organs and onto our sweat slicked thighs. Once the motions of my erupting cock tip began to subside I pulled myself out of you and let my cock rest its self against the outside of your soaked pussy lips.
Slowly our breathing began to become normal and the heat wafting off our bodies began to weaken as I kissed your breasts, tasting the saltiness of your sweat. My cock was still semi-hard and you reached down to it and slid it back in to your pussy, wanting to feel its warmth along the walls of yours. You put your hands on my ass and held me into your body. With a kiss along my sternum I felt a twinge of my quickly re awakening cock, as you did too. With a smile you whispered, “Now this is a birthday present.”

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