Thursday, July 30, 2015

Little Bobby

Little Bobby
Now this isn’t a hint of a lie –
My new daddy is a plastic penis (brand spanking new)
I met him last night when I woke up’t
After hearing a loud noise – a loud hum!
From my room we crept, my bear and I
And peeked into Mama’s room trying not to say boo;
She was laying there crying out she was about to erupt
(almost as loud as the thing sticking out of her bum!)
She wiggled and shook letting out a big o’ sigh
Heck I thought she was about to moo!
I wondered sorta if what she was doing was kinda corrupt
But the smile on her face told me that idea was dumb.
Momma stopped her quivering and took a shot of rye
As she pulled from her behind an object looking sausage-y covered in goo       
Then she looked over at me quite abrupt
I gave a little half wave and said, “Uh, Hi mum.”
So today my fellow grad oner’s say a elementary big hi
To my new daddy – his name is “Cobalt Blue” –
See how his bottom’s sorta a little cupp’t?
That’s so he don’t get sucked in when momma is about to cum…
I thought I better explain myself on this one; I strive for balance in my all aspects of my life.  When someone is asked what is the most important thing in their life is, most will say “love”.  Ask me and the answer is “to smile”.  If you have something that makes you smile then it springboards into the idea that you can be capable of sharing it with someone else.  When I write something like “I watched someone die today” I have to counter it with something totally inane and funny to me (usually to no one else, but that’s the bonus of being single – that isn’t much of a big deal).  Last night this was my counter balance. 
My philosophy is never to go to bed with a heavy thought – it distracts from the visions of unfettered joy in the night.  Another truth about me is that I’m not much of a thinker – I have flashes of thoughts but I’m more of a Thinkin’-er – the kind of a guy that stands out in the rain, looks up and goes, “yep…I’m a thinkin’ it’s going to be a little damp tonight I reckon”.  While I respect and admire people who can hold their deep thoughts at bay and have them separate from their dreams, I can’t. I need to divert myself in order to go to dreamland in the executive car rather than the cattle car other wise the ills of the world that I know to be (a thinkin’-er doesn’t think they know, they know because…well quite frankly we only have room for singular known factors otherwise we don’t have the room in our heads to dream about buxom naked woman that we’re saving in our Green Lantern outfits from the Lesbian Amazons with the foot long tongues).  I’ve tried seeking help for this but around the middle of the session, each of my therapists have opened their windows and jumped.

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