Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Big Bad wolf

It was a lovely afternoon when I was strolling along the forest path.  I had just had a tasty meal of rabbit au natural and now I had a yearning for a nibble of pussy a la carte.  Imagine my luck when up ahead on the path I noticed a slim wafer of a human female traipsing along swinging a picnic basket.  She wore a long red cloak that went down to her mid thigh and from this distance she was wearing either really short shorts or just the cloak with red knee high stilettos.  I couldn’t tell much of her from the back and she had her hood up so all I caught sight of was wisps of long hair that bounced out occasionally from within the hood.  I could figure out what kind of mood she was in though from the song she was singing to herself as she went along; “Do me, baby”.  Yep, it was indeed a lovely afternoon in the forest!
I followed her for about twenty minutes, keeping far enough back that she wouldn’t sense my presence and stuck to the outer edge of the pathway, just in case I had to jump into the bushes though at that point there was only one bush that I really wanted to jump into.  She came upon a small clearing and stopped.  There were a couple of tree stumps in almost the dead center of the clearing and she pulled a small towel out of her picnic basket, placed it on one of the stumps and then sat down.   I could see now why see would need a towel – she had neglected to wear any underwear and apparently any sort of bottom cover with the exception of the cloak.  From my vantage point I could see her fine ass as she sat down…I licked my lips but decided not to approach her yet but to watch instead.
The girl began to hum quietly to herself, staying immobile as the little forest creatures that hid themselves on her approach peeked out of their respective spots.  I moved in closer, just behind a bush on the edge of the clearing.  While I still couldn’t see her face, I could see that she was slightly weaving back and forth to her own little song.  She reached into her picnic basket gingerly and pulled out a half a loaf of bread and started to break it up, tossing pieces on the ground around her.  A squirrel came from one of the trees and grabbed one of the pieces of bread and sampled it.  It gave a little squeak and other animals began to move in closer to the feast that the girl had provided. 
I heard a snap and Roger, a year old buck stepped out into the clearing.  I heard the girl gently calling to Roger to come and have some bread with her.  He put his knobby antlers down toward her in a gesture of authority; the girl giggled and assured him that she understood that he was the boss and if he came closer, she had something special in her basket just for something as commanding as him.
Satisfied, Roger stepped up to the girl as she reached into the basket, cooing all the time about what a beautiful and strapping buck Roger was.  Roger came up and was nose to basket, sniffing around the girl’s hand that was underneath the cloth that hid the treasure trove of goodies the basket held.  Her other hand went up and petted Roger’s neck. 
Does the nice deer want something good?” she asked as she stroked Roger’s neck.  Roger snorted in an affirmative.
I saw a glint of metal from underneath the cloth.  Roger, I surmised, was about to get severely fucked up. 
The girl’s hand moved swiftly from under the cloth, I heard the click of a safety and then the booming of a pistol and saw the top of Roger’s head and brain flying straight up in the air.  The other animals scattered as Roger’s brain and eyes landed around the girl.  He stood still for a second and then dropped to the ground.
Granny’s cooking venison tonight,” The girl giggled as she wiped the pistol’s barrel with the cloth.
I shifted my hind legs, and a branch snapped.
The girl twirled around at the direction of the sound.  She pulled the hood from her head to reveal that she had ling bright red hair that almost matched the cloak’s colouring.  The darkness of her eyes deepened as she snarled in my general direction, “Who’s there?  Come on out you fucking freak, I know someone’s there?”  I heard the cocking of the safety on the pistol being readied.  She didn’t aim in any particular direction but held it loosely in her hand as she held the barrel parallel with her left ear.  I knew that while she looked casual, she could quickly drop, aim and fire without any hesitation.
I stepped from my position from behind the thicket into the openness of the clearing; I was glad that I had fur covering my reddening cheeks. 
Good afternoon,” I said nonchalantly.  “I’m the big bad wolf.”
I’m Little Red,” she introduced herself to me.  She looked harshly at my lupine form for the longest time – gauging, I imagine, the threat level I posed to her.  She must have decided that I was mostly harmless as she put the pistol back into the picnic basket.  I walked slowly until I was only a few feet in front of her and then sat down, keeping my forelegs taunt for a quick escape.  She looked me over, her eyes stopping at my forepaws…I was quite used to that – after all as far as I know, I’m the only wolf who has human fingers on his front paws rather than claws, and that I could speak human with a fair bit of ease.
So what are you?’ she asked, “A fucked up werewolf?”
I barked out a short laugh.  “Hardly,” I responded, “I’m a were-human.  A few years back my momma was watching a woodsman chopping down a tree.  The woodsman stopped and noticed there was a knot in the wood that was vaginal shaped at crotch level.  He looked at it lovingly for a moment, he swung his axe and planted it firmly just above his head into the tree and dropped his pants. He inserted his hardness into the tree, put his arms around the tree and started banging away.  What he failed to realize was that the axe wasn’t in as far as he thought.  His violent thrusts into the knot loosened the axe and it fell straight down, lopping off his dick from his body.  His still hard dick popped out of the tree and my momma quickly raced and retrieved it while the woodsman was rolling on the ground.  As she ran, it slipped from her mouth and in an effort to turn to grab it again; she accidentally sat down on it.  Her momentum forced into her and…well, this is just conjecture on my part…the woodsman must have been an early bird because she felt something other than blood oozing into her.  The penis quickly lost its hardness and plopped out of her but a few months later….well, here I am.”
Little Red looked at me silently for a moment.  “That’s the most fucked up story I ever heard,” she opined.
You asked,” I said defensively.
She gave a little smile as a gesture of apology.  “So anything else wrong with you other than your fingers…and your vocal cords?”
Well, I have an outie instead of an innie.”
An outie?”
I stood up on my back legs to reveal my underbelly to show her my outie.  She looked and a gleam crossed her dark eyes.  I have no idea what she thought an outie was, after all, I was talking about my penis.  All the other wolves had theirs protected and only when they were excited did it come out of its protective sheath – mine always hung down.  It wasn’t that big of a deal unless I accidentally stumbled into a thicket of thorns…
I couldn’t stand any longer so I dropped down to all four legs.  She told me to come closer and put my forepaws on her shoulders.  I tilted my head to the side and bent my ears back a little, but she assured me that it was quite alright – she wasn’t going to hurt me.  I walked up to her and laid my fingered paws on her shoulders.
She put her hands on my shoulders and ran them down the sides of my body all the way to my back legs.  With each stroke down she narrowed her range until both her hands were running lightly down my chest and down to my inner thighs.  I resisted the urge to howl but I’m sure the hardening of my cock gave away the excitement that I was feeling from her touch.  She lightly stroked my cock with just her fingernails and then looked up at me to see the sheer enjoyment that I was feeling with each feathery sensation that she provided.
Little Red removed my paws from her shoulder and smiled.  She moved off the stump and laid down in the grass, propping her self up with her elbows and lifted one of her eyebrows up.
So you going to show me what a big bad wolf does to innocent waifs who enter the woods by their lonesome?” she challenged lustily, “Or is the stress point on the fairy part of the fairy tale?”
I moved directly to her side and bit down on the buttons of her cloak; with the removal of each button more of what was underneath revealed itself to me – which was that she indeed wore nothing underneath the red cloak.  As I bit and removed the last button and the cloak opened fully to show her shapely naked body and her nicely trimmed pubic mound I flashed a quick look up at her face.
Little Red smiled and shrugged and answered my unasked query, “We have a really informal and natural family dynamic.”
I gave a quick yip of understanding and flicked her left nipple with my tongue.  I let my tongue hang out of my mouth and traced the outline of her left breast then her right.  Both of her nipples hardened at my gentle touch, and reacted by getting even harder as I let my fangs scrape featherly against them.
Fuck,” Little Red cooed as she reached and scratched between my ears.  “Now I wish we would have had something bigger than a little peke when I was growing up.”
Something tells me had an awful lot of big peeks growing up,” I said, “Why else would you have such an informal family?”
Little Red scowled and growled, “Less talk, more tongue…today I’m your bitch, got it?”
Got it,” I said and continued to roll my tongue back and forth along her hard nipples as her breathing got deeper.  I put my palm against her moist mound, letting her inner warmth seep into my pores.  The aroma of her sweet wetness teased my nostrils and I could no longer resist the urge to taste her.  I moved my tongue down her stomach and circled her vaginal lips.  A tiny ‘ooohhhh’ escaped Little Red’s lips as my tongue moved back and forth along her outer folds.
I thought for a moment to mention that her clitoral hood was almost as red as her cloak, but the pulsating rhythm of her plump clit quickly made me forget about my quip.  I lifted my head up slightly so that my tongue just hovered over her sex and let my saliva drip onto her engorged clit. It stiffened even more with the heat of my breath panting over it.
Lick my clit,” Little Red whispered as her fingers curled into my furred shoulder.  “I want to feel that tongue on my twat, baby.  I need it so bad.”  To stress her point, she raised her hips to bring her clit to touch the tip of my tongue.  Her need made my cock throb as I moved between her legs to give me a more open space to eat.
As soon as I my tongue ran up and down her clit, Little Red came.  I kept licking and sucking, making her squirm and moan.  She squeezed the sides of my head with her thighs and when she started to buck into her sopping pussy into my face, I slid one of my fingers into her dripping pussy.  I coordinated my tongue and my finger’s thrusts with each other and then added another finger when she began to moan even louder.  She grabbed me by my ears and pushed my snout deeper into her and came all over my furry face.  I knew she was ready.
 I flipped her onto her knees and stood behind her, slowly running my hard cock down her pussy, teasing her clit.  I slid my hardness in, inch by inch, relishing in the warmth of Little Red’s vagina against the contrast of the cool breeze that wafted over my exposed shaft.  I finally had my cock entirely surrounded by her tightness and began to pump as she reached down to feel it slide in and out of her.  I grabbed her waist and began to force her hips into mine.  Little Red’s pussy lips tried to hold my cock in place as if to keep it forever in it, but her excitement made my cock too slick to be stuck within.
Each time I pulled my cock out I felt her pussy’s suction on my cock.  I started to moan, smacking Little Red’s ass.  She reached down and started to rub her clit; letting her fingers touch my balls as they slapped against her ass.  As I started to get closer to cumming, I started thrusting harder and harder.  Her pussy responded by wrapping itself tightly against my cock. 
I knew I was about to explode so I slammed hard one last time and held it there, shooting my load into her hot hole.  I could feel her own excitement enveloping my shaft and oozing out around it, soaking my furry inner thigh. 
I pulled out and laid next to Little Red, my tongue hanging lazily content out one side of my mouth.  She rolled onto her back beside me rubbing her pubic mound slowly and lightly, wetting down her pubic hair with the thick mixture of our lust.  Her eyes looked at mine for a moment and then she looked down and realized that my cock was still semi hard.  She smiled and said, “My my, aren’t we the eagerest for my beaver.”
She ran her hands up and down my furred chest, letting her hand brush lightly against my semi hardness.  Finally, she leant over and started kissing me on my snout. Her kisses were short as she worked her way down my chest and to my thighs.  She licked me from my sac to the tip of my cock.  She watched my face carefully as she put the tip of my cock in her mouth and ran her tongue over its ridges.  I closed my eyes to allow myself to get lost in the sensation that tingled and twinged from Little Red’s experienced lips along my shaft.  She ran her tongue up and down my shaft making my cock harden with each moist touch.  She swallowed my shaft, sucking hard as she moved her mouth up and down on it, she gently cupped my balls causing a drop of pre-cum to ooze from my urethra when she retreated entirely from my cock. 
Little Red stood up and straddled over me.  She squatted directly over my cock with her hand guided it into her moist vagina.  The wetness saturated my shaft as she took every inch of my cock into her and started to bounce up and down.  She leaned over and strafed my snout with her breasts.  In retaliation I reached up and grabbed them, pinching and pulling at her nipples which made her tremble from her shoulders down to her thighs – further exciting me.  I started to buck my hips in time with hers, penetrating into her deeper and deeper with each thrust.
I told her that I was close to cumming and she groaned that she was too.  Suddenly she began to cum so hard that with every into her a flow would erupt from her and dribble down her leg.  She demanded that I not cum inside her but to shoot it all over her.  I told her I was about to cum and she quickly slid off my cock and positioned her face over my cock with her mouth open.
I grabbed her ass and slid a couple of fingers inside her sopping pussy at the same time my shaft began to erupt.  With each spasm of release I jammed my fingers hard into her, Little Red screamed in pleasure and rammed her hips back hard to meet my fingers.  She wore my cum all over her breasts and nipples as if they were jewelry.  She gave me a little wink and put her mouth over my cock and sucked what was left from my pulsating shaft.  Her tongue rolled around the tip of my cock.
I pushed Little Red off my cock and stepped back to catch my breath.  She stared at my crotch hungrily, licking the cum her tongue could reach and smacking her lips noisily.
Well, I think I’m going to have to do some editing of the fairy tale,” Little Red said gruffly, “The big part is certainly right but bad part definitely isn’t.”
Translation:  I’m meeting her peke for Kibbles and Bits later on tonight!

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